Hair Envy

April 27, 2011

Thanks to certain celebrities who pronounce their name like a jammed record in a village hall party (J-J-J-J Jessie J) block colour is going to be a favourite this year. If you’ve ever been envious that someone’s hair is shiner than yours, a better cut than yours, more stylish than yours then thank God you never went to school or work with Jessie J. Diane Kruger even asked her on the Graham Norton show whether it was a wig or not, annoyingly it isn’t.

A sharp, crisp cut and bold fringe maybe not be everyones cup of tea but it is not unattainable.  The secret is firstly down to a bloomin’ good hair cut, backed up by regular trims to ensure one length and no split ends. Secondly the colour; a dark colour not only makes the hair look more nourished but it reflects the light making hair look shinier. Jessie J probably has an army of hair stylists equipped with straighteners, serums and sprays but their secret weapon is a heat protector Phillip Kingsley Straight Hair      is a heat activated gel that smoothes, straightens and controls all hair types as well as protecting it from UV rays, straighteners and dryers. 

I would also like you bring to your attention that not only does she have amazing hair but she also has an amazing voice. Her Live Lounge on Radio 1 was a pivotal moment for me, one that turned relative ignorance into admiration. 


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