Along Came Holly

June 1, 2011


Sorry for the lack of blogging last week, I wanted to give you a chance to practise your fishtails plaits, and they are surprisingly easy right? So now you’re probably all walking around parading your braids but as summer is officially here so its time to talk protection, and ladies we should all be using it! When hair is damaged from straighteners, blow-drying and environmental factors etc. there is very little we can do to repair the hair except cut it off to stop the damage spreading up the hair shaft, so get friends with your hairdresser as you should be seeing him or her every 6-8 weeks. 

Shielding hair from the sun is the most effective way of reducing hair damage, so invest in a floppy hat or fedora. Quick this is on sale in Urban Outfitters for £22. You can thank me later.

However, if you’re a tanaholic the next best option is intensive treatments and masks. They are great after a day in the sun, dipping in and out of the sea or pool but a favourite of mine is Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. Its a handy little spray that you spray onto dry hair in the morning, it has lots of lovely essential oils such as green tea extract, coconut and sunflower oil so jam packed with Vitamin E. You get a lot for £17.50, not only does it protect hair and your colour from fading but it gives a gorgeous tousled effect and wait for it…its WATER PROOF. It will definitely be in my suitcase for my holiday in 3 weeks and 6 days. 

I don’t think I mentioned but I no longer have virgin hair! I opted for a change (not a dramatic one) and went for the root effect, so my natural colour on the roots which gradually fades into lighter towards the bottom. Being paranoid that it would totally ruin my hair I quickly whipped out and bought this L’Oreal Professional Treatment Mask for Highlighted hair. I use it twice a week and leave it on for 5-10 minutes and so far so good, my hair is silky soft and feels nourished and protected. Its £15.99 but used in conjunction with your normal conditioner should last you ages.

Money Saving Tip: As mentioned  earlier, regular trims are the way forward. If money is tight then find a good salon which offers trainee cuts, these tend to be heavily discounted or even free, and great if you just want a trim. Friends of mine use the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Manchester and Toni and Guy Academy in London but even small salons have trainees. I would advise that you try to quiz them as much as possible as to how much help and assistance the trainee has when you are in the chair. Bear in mind that it may take longer than a normal service time but if you feel confident that they have enough support and help during the whole service (including the consultation) then go for it. 

I also have some other good news. I now have a web domain, hooray! Some hair extension company took hairsandgraces so I have had to change the blog name to Along Came Holly (I think it is better though) so Thats me! I will also change my Twitter name too. 

Thats All Folks…


P.S: I wish I was on the Apprentice last week.


One Response to “Along Came Holly”

  1. Sarah H said

    I loved selling this Lumini mask when i was at L’oreal its lushness in a pink tub!! Great new domain name sweet … ps i booked my green man ticket this week..:) see you on the 18th xx

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