Camp Batistion

August 23, 2011

Wowza! What a weekend at the Green Man Festival, a family friendly festival with delightful music, delicious food set it dreamy surroundings I would thoroughly recommend it and the camping was actually, surprisingly, alarmingly really fun! In terms of hair wise not washing it for 4 days was a first for me and one that I treated as more of an experiment than anything else, again though, it was fine and my hair withstood the test of blood sweat and beers, especially with the help of a trusty hat.

Our camp area got re-named Camp Batistion as all four of us girls were armed and taking no prisoners. The verdict after the weekend was that the Brunette version was not as effective as the original. Secondly I feel it is my duty to explain how vital rubbing the stuff in is because if I had a crumpet every time I saw a girl (or boy in some cases) with powdery, white roots you would’ve had to roll me outta there (not that I’m complaining as those “Strumpets with Crumpets” were insanely yummy!)

Equally this Osis Dust It powder was pretty nifty. It works in a similar way to Dry Shampoo but it also thickens the hair giving it lift and volume so great for those girls that like a bit of oomph! However, I did find that it can clump together after a few days and this lead to product build-up, it felt pretty heavy but fine if you’re in a position to wash you’re hair frequently, on a night out its great as it can give you that extra bounce but be prepared to wash it in the morning.

£8-10 and a little tip; do NOT shake the bottle because its magic and can turn liquidy


Highlight of the weekend had to be this little gem; Ben Howard.



Hello there…

Armed with a hockey stick and wracking my brain for those moves I learnt in that one session of self-defense 5 years ago (throwing grit in someone’s eye gives you 10 seconds to run away) I managed to brave the riots and meet up with a friend who gave me some a tube of Burts Bees Soothingly Sensitive Aloe and Buttermilk Body Lotion. On closer inspection I noticed that it is free from all the baddies and bogey men and this is pure plant extracts at their best. Squeezed Aloe juice helps sooth and smooth making it a great choice of aftersun. It’s blended with Rosemary and Chamomile so smells delicious with compliments guaranteed and its hypoallergenic so its amazing for those with super sensitive skin too! 

What are you waiting for it only £9.99

Anyway back to the hairdressing as hair is where I lay my hat and a hat is what I will be wearing next weekend when I got to GreenMan Festival 2011. A long weekend in the Beautiful Brecon Beacons with the Fleet Foxes, one or two ciders and some old school friends. Since the ticket was booked I’ve been doing a serious amount, and I mean a serious amount of mulling over about my hair. I’ve even meticulously executed weaning myself off washing my hair every day and with the help of trusty dry shampoo, it’s now presentable enough to leave it three days between shampooing, now that’s dedication! Apparently if you spray it in your hair the night before it works even better, so I’m giving that one a whirl. As if I haven’t talked about it enough, I almost had a meltdown when I found out they had bought out a bottle especially for Brunettes so it comes out brown instead of white, I was torn between the geniousness and why hadn’t they done it beforeness? Go. Superdrug. Now. £2.96.

Give your hair a blast
I’m not one to lie, I’m a fickle girl. And right now I really admiring Jennifer Lopez, if I could give Jenny from the block any thing, it would be the big 10’s followed by a “go-sister.” Now I don’t need to sit here and talk about her trials and tribulations (recent questionable song releases and soon-to-be 3 divorces ahem) her highs her lows, her peaks and troughs as any one who reads this probably reads DailyMail online but I am always in awe of how flawless she looks, particularly her hair. It should be noted that she has had the same, or a variation of subtle blonde highlights since she was in the club surrounded by green lasers singing Waiting for Tonight. But the recent hyper-activity surrounding the woman has got me to stand up and take notice of the things that other people have missed, admittedly I have a keen eye for a great set of highlights but she’s the only person I can think of who can rock a bandana AND hoop earrings in a way that she only knows how, trust me, I tried.

Jennifer, right now I'm into you.

At least I know I can leave the bandana at home next weekend. So that’s all folks, I look forward to reporting back on all things hair at GreenMan so until then…