Camp Batistion

August 23, 2011

Wowza! What a weekend at the Green Man Festival, a family friendly festival with delightful music, delicious food set it dreamy surroundings I would thoroughly recommend it and the camping was actually, surprisingly, alarmingly really fun! In terms of hair wise not washing it for 4 days was a first for me and one that I treated as more of an experiment than anything else, again though, it was fine and my hair withstood the test of blood sweat and beers, especially with the help of a trusty hat.

Our camp area got re-named Camp Batistion as all four of us girls were armed and taking no prisoners. The verdict after the weekend was that the Brunette version was not as effective as the original. Secondly I feel it is my duty to explain how vital rubbing the stuff in is because if I had a crumpet every time I saw a girl (or boy in some cases) with powdery, white roots you would’ve had to roll me outta there (not that I’m complaining as those “Strumpets with Crumpets” were insanely yummy!)

Equally this Osis Dust It powder was pretty nifty. It works in a similar way to Dry Shampoo but it also thickens the hair giving it lift and volume so great for those girls that like a bit of oomph! However, I did find that it can clump together after a few days and this lead to product build-up, it felt pretty heavy but fine if you’re in a position to wash you’re hair frequently, on a night out its great as it can give you that extra bounce but be prepared to wash it in the morning.

£8-10 and a little tip; do NOT shake the bottle because its magic and can turn liquidy


Highlight of the weekend had to be this little gem; Ben Howard.



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