Big Tips

April 6, 2011

I would like to take some time to take things back to basics. Now man made the wheel but man also made products, a wheel may be a useful mode of transport but products are equally useful when it comes to you and your hair. In an overly saturated market filled with bright colours, natural products and great smells all of which have the potential to lure you in, but if your like me its enough to give you a headache and walk out (as great as it is, there’s only so much time a girl can spend in Boots, even if you do get 4 pointst to the pound)

So my aim is to give you a rough guide and somewhere to start.

1. Frizz Bomb

Anyone with slightly wavy or curly hair knows that frizz can be the bane of their life, but with the right care and maintainance it can be tamed to the sleekest of locks. Frizzy hair can be caused by humidity in the environment, static electricity and over processing the hair through straightening etc. Firstly try not to brush hair straight once you’ve dried it, secondly try out humidity or smoothing serums. A best seller is Aveda Smooth Infusions Style-Prep Smoother;  A brillaint product and well worth £18. Begin with freshly washed hair and with a towel, blot dry, rubbing will create the F-Word. Apply a pea sized amount for long hair and a smaller amount for short hair. Blow-Dry with a hair dryer but try not to blast it, I know its tempting but keep the nozzle in the direction of the hair and use a paddle brush if you have one. At the end set with cool air which seals the cuticle and makes the smoothness last longer. Also do not under-estimate the power or regular trims, this will keep split ends at bay and keep frizz under control.

2. Va Va Volume

The 80’s have re-launched and safely landed, so that can only mean one thing. Big Hair. If hair is lacking volume then begin by getting some shorter layers cut in as this will add instant oomoph. Secondly blasting hair upside  down is a great technique but again its all in the products. Start with Charles Worthingtons Mussed Up Texturising Spray at £5.10 it does pretty much everything so you can be a beach babe or city sleek. Apply when wet and blow dry for extra bouce  or let it dry naturally, or scrunch with a diffuser for messy curls or blow dry for more volume.

3. Enhance those Curls Girls

Now I need you to listen, turn off the straighteners and put them down. Now have a rummage and find £9 because its time to let those curls you keep hiding to come out and be free; they just need a bit of TLC. All you need is a a little help from TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curl Amplifier. work a one penny piece size through wet hair and take small sections of hair and twist each piece so you resmeble a Rasta. Then scrunch dry or diffuse for the best effect. Curls will look defined, separated and controlled. DO NOT use a brush when you have finished.


Look what I found, 10 Tips to Happy Hair and some great illustrations.

I would love to hear how you get on so leave a comment or e-mail



Accessorise all areas.

March 15, 2011

The 70’s have returned, as seen by Marc Jacobs at Fasion Week 2011. This pink jumpsuit was drawn together by the elaborate waist belt and matching head band. Look out for floral head bands, barettes and sparkling clips this year. Not only do they add some head-turning twist to an outfit but they also bring a bit of delicate fun.

Scarfs and head bands instanstly update an outfit regardless of your style, and work well during the day.


Wheras Flowers, Feathers and Lace as seen at AnnaSui 2011 instantly add a bit of galmour thats perfect for an evening of cocktails and dancing. Equally if you have that wedding coming up and a hat really isn’t your bag then stand out and put something in your hair. Accessorize is great or if moneys tight then try Claires Accessories, yes I did just say Claires Accessories.


Go Get ’em Sister.

Perfect for that summer wedding


Guarantee to stand out from the crowd with this new design from Katie Hillier.

Ticks the 70's box and won't have you walking around feeling like a 9 year old girl!

A Little Quickie

March 15, 2011

Technology really isn’t my strong point and a B grade at IT GCSE really doesn’t go very far. Even if Twitter, Witter, My Space Your Face, Her Face was invented at that time they certainly didn’t teach you about it. Shame really seeing as Social Media is taking over the world.
Basically, I’ve been grappling this morning so you can now recieve e-mails to Hairsandgraces and follow me on Twitter. Just scroll right to the bottom of this page and (fingers crossed) the buttons should be there.

Happy Networking.


Move over Rihanna, I have a new girl crush!

Enjoying the centre parting and heavy fringe.

Vintage styling in Paris

Socks a good'un

Story Time…

March 7, 2011

Part and parcel of the job means that I talk to people…A LOT, and most of them look at me a little bit dazed when I explain my very obscure career choice. With 3 A-Levels, a Business Degree from Manchester University and a shed load of work experience becoming a hairdresser was certainly not what I had expected either. However on leaving uni and getting my first “proper job” I quickly learnt that working a) in an office, sat behind a computer and b) lining somebody else’s pockets could only lead to a mundane monday, tuesday blues, wet wednesday, a thursday 4 (because its nearly the weekend) then that friday feeling, consequently, only to do it all over again. Now call me dramatic but this really scared me short of screaming. 

So I did something about it. Driving back from seeing friends in Manchester one evening I had a good 3 hours ahead. My best friend Amy came to mind, she had an internship with one of the worlds best advertising firms and was on a 3 month placement in Sydney on a very good account and finally getting closer to her dream of working in the competitive world of advertising. However one day she was honest enough with herself to admit that all she really wanted was to ski, so last year she spent half the year in the Alps and the other half in New Zealand teaching people how to ski.

So I thought right back to when I was 17 and had always loved doing people’s hair, living in an all girls boarding school I was never short of models, it was the hey-day of the GHD invention for heavens sake! I remember at our May Ball (prom-like event, like, SUCH a big, deal) I did most of my friends hair by which time when it came to taking pictures I was no where to be seen as I was busy curling and pinning my own mousey brown locks and in the pictures that I AM in my eyes are red and puffy as I was so distraught about the ordeal it drove me to tears! Secondly during our pauper student days I would end up cutting some of my friends hair because the 10% student discounts that did exist meant that instead of £50 you pay £45 now maths isn’t my strong point but thats 4 nights out right there and evidence that university does something to your priorities. 

My First Day-Only without my Mickey Mouse lunch box to keep me company

More importantly, I knew I would enjoy being a hairdresser, I like a challenge and the chance to be creative and adore working with people but  now that I  am in training I realise that no door is ever closed to you. I would love to work for myself one day, live abroad and get involved with fashion shows and photo shoots, all of which hairdressing allows. Understandably people look at me a bit confused but like my dear friend Amy at least its a good story to tell.

One Product Wonder

February 14, 2011


Ta Daaaaa


If there is one product to invest in this year, its the Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. If hair is feeling a little tired, over styled or getting a bit too knotty for your liking then use a pea sized amount and run it through freshly washed hair for instant repair. Not only does it act as a protector against heat but it strengthens hair by using plant oil and organic quinoa protein to restore any damage or dryness, ingredients such as barley and jojoba help smooth the hair cuticle and restore shine. 

Alternatively it can be used as a treatment, so if you’re having a soak try running it through your hair, wrap hair up in a towel  (as natural heat from the head will stimulate the treatment) and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse through and you will instantly notice how it is a one product wonder! At £20 it might be a little over budget but lasts an age and it may save you a trip or two to the hairdressers to stop those split ends.

The “F” Word

February 7, 2011

Thats right, I said it, Fringe! Now lets not run to the hills, take a deep breath and consider it. Seriously. Having been scarred myself from a young age (glasses+braces+fringe=BULLIED) I found it hard to take the plunge but I’m happy that I did, my fringe days were some of the best. If you feeling brave enough and want to freshen up your look a fringe is a great way to make a difference. Perhaps begin by having a look at some pictures of one that catches your eye, be it a chunky blunt fringe or a thin and wispy one. If you’re slightly tentative then I would suggest a thin one to start, similar to Mischa Barton, and then when you are a little more used to it you then have the freedom to build it up to a thicker one. Increasing in popularity are fringe pieces. These act as a preview so you can try out your new look and hear the reviews or merely a tool that allows you to have the benefits of a fringe when you choose. They don’t cost the earth either, have a look on

Remember that they grow out quickly, most salons offer a free fringe trim service so there is no excuse to have a home trim with the kitchen scissors, however tempting it my be. 

Take some inspiration:

A powder fresh start.

January 31, 2011

After 7 days of cruising down the slopes, catching some rays (and some air) it appeared that all that my fellow lady skiers wanted was a change. Some people love a change, others hate it but when it comes to hairdressing a change can often mean something drastic. Often, one is greeted with an enthused “we could do a few slices of red with a copper undertone” or “how about a disconnected bob?” the unlucky ones get a shrug and a huff and “whatever you want.” But what if you don’t know what you want?  But all you do know is that a few slices of red and a disconnected bob is enough to make you run to the hills and put a firm wooly hat on?

What I’m saying is that a change doesn’t mean you have to come out looking like a blow-dryed,-dip-dyed Lady Gaga. A change may come in the form of changing your parting, for instance wearing it lower (i.e towards your ear)  or centrally which is very eye framing. This little trick has the power to alter your face shape, disguise the spot on your forehead and save you money as its a DIY jobby, there is a credit crunch on if you didn’t know!


NB: it will not make your eyes different colours

Now forgive me if I sound patronising but I’m stripping it back to basics here. If you’re a low pony tail person how about taking it to the crown, or even to the side. Over the next few days spot those curby grips that you catch lying around, don’t just look at them for crying out loud, pick ’em up and give the “messy bun” a try, you only need 2 at least.

Until then…